Nikon CoolPix L310 - Best Compact Camera - Nikon Coolpix L310

Nikon CoolPix L310 – Best Compact Camera

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Nikon CoolPix L310 – Best Compact Camera

Nikon CoolPix L310 – The Best Compact Camera, The Best Price

Nikon CoolPix L310 Best Compact Camera

Nikon CoolPix L310 Best Compact Camera

For those who are planning to purchase the best compact camera that is readily available in the market, it is worth to check out the Nikon CoolPix L310. Even though there are other compact cameras out there in the market that can provide users with great features, the Nikon CoolPix L310 stands outs with its own distinct features. If you want to own one of the best compact camera models, you might want to check out on what Nikon CoolPix L310 has to offer. We will now take a glimpse on the key features of the Nikon CoolPix L310 – 14.1 MP camera, CCD Image Sensor, high definition recording, 21x Optical Zoom with 4x Digital Zoom, 3-inch TFT LCD furnished with 5-level Brightness Adjustment option, 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 25-525mm and f/3.1-f/5/8 Aperture.

Even though buying one of the best compact camera models can be quite exciting, it can be an intimidating experience for some individuals who have to acquaint themselves with the new controls as well as the interface. With the line of cameras manufactured by Nikon throughout the years, it made photography a lot easier yet packed with great features for better shots. The Nikon CoolPix L310 is considered as an advanced bridge compact camera that is armed with several functions and features that makes photography simple to handle. With the availability of the Nikon CoolPix L310, it is a lovely addition to the line of cameras ideal for both professional and non-professional photographers all over the world. With the focal length of 4.5 up to 94.5mm that converts to a 35mm equivalent focal length of up to 25-525mm. The superior zooming feature of the camera offers a 21x optical zoom along with a 4x digital zoom that allows users to capture detailed and sharp images even though they are far away. The Nikon CoolPix L310 possesses a CCD image sensor that allows users to take images with a stunning 14.1 MP resolution.

For the body of the Nikon CoolPix L310, it features a standard body design built with a round-shaped grip on the front part that also features a grip-pad that is textured for a secure hold when users are taking shots amidst a crowd or in areas with towering heights. The top panel of the camera is where the minimum control are positioned, thus allows users to easily take shots without a lot of hassle. The weight of the Nikon CoolPix L310 is about 435g. This compact camera is simple to carry around wherever you go as well as taking day shots if required. There is even the option to shoot high definition videos with 1280×720 pixels and 30 fps for superior quality and stunningly crystal clear videos that you will surely love. The Nikon CoolPix L310 is armed with the EXPEED C2 image processor that is capable of providing top speed shooting with high resolution as well as photos that are noise-free. The 3-inch TFT LCD Screen can be utilized to create and check on all your creations in order to get the best shots. Additionally, the screen offers a resolution of 230,000 dot pixels along with a 5-level brightness adjustment scale.

Storage and Battery life

Nikon CoolPix L310 - Storage and Battery

Nikon CoolPix L310 – Storage and Battery

For the battery and storage of the Nikon CoolPix L310, they are features that truly make the compact camera stand out. The internal memory is 10MB where you can store all your photos and videos. Of course, the memory can be further expanded by using SD, SDXC or SDHC memory cards that are readily available in the market today. The Nikon CoolPix L310 is driven with four alkaline batteries that enable you to capture 400 photos as long as it is fully charged. You even have the option to utilize four Lithium Ion and NiMH batteries that enables users to capture 1130 and 690 photos correspondingly once it is fully charged. Users even have the option to transfer the images and videos taken to a computer utilizing the superior speed USB port.


Nikon CoolPix L310 - Performance

Nikon CoolPix L310 – Performance

The Nikon CoolPix L310 offers an aperture range of f/3.1 – 5.8 which controls the size of the opening of the lens that allows light to fall on the image sensors. This compact camera is also equipped with an Auto Focus feature that functions at the range of 50cm and more up to 1.5m to infinity, thus allowing you to enjoy taking shots while the camera focuses on its own. The low light feature offered by this camera is considered the best. The camera has a light sensitive range of ISO 80-6400 that filters out the noise or grains in all your photos. The shutter speed works at the speed range of 1/1000-1 seconds which can be slowed down up to 4 seconds if the Fireworks Show scene mode is chosen to capture the beauty of the lights. You can even brighten up the scenes with the built-in flash that offers a range of 0.5 up to 6m and 1.5-3m.


Nikon CoolPix L310 - Features

Nikon CoolPix L310 – Features

The Nikon CoolPix L310 offers several shooting modes such as Food, Museum, Backlighting, Fireworks and many more. With these shooting modes, they are equipped with customized focus settings and exposure for simple photography. The electronic Vibration Reduction and sensor shift feature will make sure that images taken are free from shock and blur. This compact camera also offers the face detection feature that instantly determines the faces present in the frame while at the same time optimizing the settings for you. There is even the Smile Taker option which takes photos once your subject smiles while the Blink Proof feature works by warning users once a subject has blinked, thus allowing you to replace photos with a new one. These features work together in order to provide you with seamless and beautiful shots of special events and moments that you can cherish for years to come. Additionally, there is also the self-timer feature where you can delay the release of the shutter at about 10 seconds which provides you with adequate time to position in front of the camera for a group photo. You can even take several photos with just a single click with the Continuous Shooting mode that can take up to 19 photos.

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